We have selected several victims as examples and describe their stories. They act as representatives for all victims of the Nazi regime.

1 Brentanostrasse: Isidor Glauberg from America visits his family at 1 Brentanostrasse in 1925: from the left: Paul Linick, Sofie Glauberg, née Gottlieb, Markus Linick, Recha Linick, née Glauberg, Isidor Glauberg, Lucie Linick. Stones have been laid for Paul, Markus, Recha and Lucie whose married name was Gottlieb


Sitting in their garden Auguste and Samuel Scheuer celebrate their Silver Wedding in 1910

Stolpersteins laid for the family members seen in the photograph, from left to right:

Lina Caroline Stern, née Scheuer, born January 3, 1889 in Gelnhausen. Admitted into a mental hospital in Gießen, she was a victim of Nazi “euthanasia” in Brandenburg, 90c Neudorferstrasse on October 1, 1940.
Ludwig Scheuer, born October 9, 1899 in Gelnhausen. 1935 maltreated and taken into “protective custody”, driven out of Gelnhausen. Moved to Frankfurt am Main. Emigration via Hamburg to Argentina. Died 1967.
Moritz Scheuer, born February 6, 1896 in Gelnhausen. 1933 Emigration via Paris to Argentina. Suicide in 1945.
Regina (Rosa) Gotthelf, née Scheuer, born April 23, 1892 in Gelnhausen. Moved to Frankfurt am Main, 6 Schwanenstrasse. Deported from Frankfurt on May 8 or 25, 1942 to the Lublin district. Murdered.
Flora Benedick, née Scheuer, born September 20, 1897 in Gelnhausen. Moved to Halle an der Saale, deported via Chemnitz on June 1, 1942 towards Izbica/Sobibor. Murdered on June 3, 1942 in the Lublin district.

Samuel Scheuer, 1935 in “protective custody” because of racial defilement (Rassenschande). Left home town, moved to Frankfurt am Main where he died in 1938. Samuel is sitting to the right of the table.


The Hanselmann family. Like Father Engels, the parents Anna and Karl are branded “serfs of the Jews” (Judenknechte), driven through the city and taken into “protective custody” in the city prison. 2 Stolpersteins at 18 Untermarkt.

The Stolperstein for the Catholic priest Father Wilhelm Engels, seen here in the 1930s, was laid at 17 Holzgasse on October 14, 2010.


Johanna Buxbaum’s grave in the Gelnhausen Jewish cemetery. Her granddaughter, Joan Chantrell, has visited the Gelnhausen Stolperstein Group on several occasions.



Further research results to follow.